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What's your best place for listening to jazz?


Perhaps, it's only me that loves to listen or watch jazz music performed live. I have a better collection to the music whenever it's been performed live unlike when I just watch on TV or listening to it on the radio or streaming application.

How do you enjoy jazz mostly?
I don't have any particular way to enjoy listening to my jazz songs. I can listen to it on live concert and I enjoy streaming the music online too. I'm going to a concert tomorrow and jazz will be played there.
Ordinarily, I'm always online and it's why I stream all songs that I want to listen to online using Spotify. So, as for my jazz music playing, I do it online too because there's no other better way for me to do it.
The best place and time I love listening to my favourite jazz music is whenever I'm having a chilled bottle of beer. I tend to enjoy music whenever I'm drinking. There's a good pub here that gives me the best.
My home and bar where I normally go to drink are the best place I love listening to jazz music. My playlist at home is very good but what they play at the bar is extra ordinary.
I don't have any particular place I enjoy listening or playing my jazz music. I can enjoy it anywhere with no exception. I'm playing one now at home because I'm not going to work.
I have a mini bar in my living room and one outside my yard where I normally sit down to reflect on things about my life. This have been the best places for me to sit down and listen to my favourite jazz musics play along.
I will tell my family that I am going to sleep and I enter my room and lie down with my headphones, lock my door. That's the only place I have stayed to listen to my jazz songs. Sometimes I jumped around the room if I'm high.