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Notes Central

What is Notes

Notes is the main virtual currency at Music Forums. Notes can be earned by completing various tasks throughout the forum including taking part in discussions, receiving reactions on your content, and winning contests.

How can I earn Notes?

  • 5 Notes - Uploading first avatar
  • 5 Notes - New follower
  • 25 Notes - It's your birthday Award
  • 2 Notes - Creating a new discussion
  • 1 Notes - Replying to a discussion
  • 1 Notes - Discussion receiving a reaction (Max. 5 Notes per 24 hours)

What can I use Notes?

With the exclusivity of Notes, the different currencies at Music Forums can only be spent on items that are exclusive to that currency. The Music Forums Shop should be your first stop when looking to spend your hardly earned currencies. This section of the forum will contain a whole range of different virtual and real products & services that can be bought with Notes.

Can I purchase Notes?

Yes, you can. As a way to fundraise for Music Forums costs (advertising, hosting and domains), we have added options to purchase Notes. You can do this by clicking on your Notes balance and clicking the "Purchase" tab. You also have the option to gift a Notes purchase to another member of the community.

We have also included a button on the left menu in this Notes Central section to take you the Music Forums Currency Menu.

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