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What instrument are you recording with?


When it comes to what I normally use to carry out my recording whenever I'm in the mood is the Blue Snowball mic and Audacity.

I'm currently thinking about getting into using Behringer Eurolive B210D 200W. Does anyone have any experience with using it?
When I want to record any music, what I normally make use of is a computer, an audio interface, a microphone, a DAW, and headphones. My recording isn't for any professional needs, so those tools are good to go.
I'm not into recording of any kind of music right now. If I want to try and record anything, it would be with my smartphone recorder. There are good studio recording instruments but I don't have any use for them.
Recording? No please, I don't have anything to do with trying to be into any kind of recording songs. Every songs I listen to are streamed from either Spotify or YouTube music.