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What are your thoughts on a church organ?


It's not too often that I go to church but when I do, I love to hear the church organ. Inside a church and the sound of the organ playing are an amazing feeling and only a feeling you can experience if you are in a church when that instrument is being played.

What are your thoughts on a church organ being played?
I always enjoy listening to the church organ whenever it is being played because it gives a kind of feeling and also draws me closer to my spiritual path whenever I'm worshiping in the church. It is one of the reason why I enjoy it whenever I'm in the church because they always give me something inspirational to listen to.
When I listened to church organ as it's being played was more 20 years ago. I haven't been in the church for more than 10 years today. I can't remember vividly how such musical instrument plays now.
Experiencing the sound of the organ in a church is an amazing feeling. The sound of the organ already is quite different to other instruments and add that into a church and the sounds you get within the church, it's amazing to listen to.

We don't often hear the organ being playing in my local church, mainly it is used for specific services or even weddings.
Part of the reason I used to go to church is to listen to the musical instruments especially the organ. I love the sound and how it lifts my soul. I found joy while I listened to the organ and other musical instruments in the church.