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People Against Grunge


Some people say grunge killed rock. However, a lot of other people equally disliked glam metal/rock. Of course, the beef against glam metal is that it was all about money and chicks and the beef against grunge is that it is too serious.
Isn't most music now all about money and chicks? It's what we see now especially in hip hop. Some of them are into drugs too and they are caught as well as jailed in the process. As for grunge, I don't have any problems with it being too serious.
I don't care about what opinion other people have about grunge, it doesn't matter to me. Yes, it might have affected rock music but I will never say it's what killed rock.
I don’t think anyone said it killed rock. People usually talk about how it killed hair metal.
Yeah, they definitely killed hair metal. It's as gone as the dinosaurs. However, that's not saying it was bad, necessarily. It's all subjective.