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Is Mark Morris the best Mozart Dance Group ever?


Which other Mozart dance group do you know that compares well with how good Mark Morris Dance Group is when it comes to Morzat dancing?

I don't know if any other group comes close to how good they are?

What do you all think?

I believe that they are one of the best morzat dancing groups that I have seen in a very long time. You can see how they are well synchronised in their dance. They are super good.
I'm not too familiar with the Mozart dance. If I remembered correctly, the first place where I saw it was in the movie Casino Royale - one of James Bond movies. It looks like something that's very intense. It's not a popular dance in my country.
Honestly, I'm not very familiar with the Mozart Dance. It's not something that's very popular here in my country. I'm not sure if I have seen or been anywhere in my state where dancers get into this style of dancing. The video of the dance looks interesting and I would like to watch it in a Iive concert.
I've watched this dance group for a very long time and most of their dance have always been very exceptional and intriguing. This is the reason why I believe that they should make the top five list of the best Mozart's dancers that we have in the world.
Mark Morris Dance Group? I have never heard of them until now from this post. But after watching how they performed in the YouTube video, it looked like they are very skilled in the art of Mozart dancing. I felt the energy they put in their dancing. It's very fascinating.