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How good is Frank Ocean?


Do you think that Frank Ocean is a big artist in the R&B powerhouse? He made a big return on stage at Coachella talking about his new album that's coming out soon. He's been out of the industry for a while which makes me wonder how good his new album be.
Honestly, I don't know him very much and having said that, I'm not sure if I have listened to or watch any of his full song for once because if I ever did, there's no way I wouldn't remember him vividly. There are so artists out there I haven't come across one of their music.
I've listened to his song once or twice but I wasn't much impressed with how he sings. Yes, he's got a nice voice but there's a way he sings which I can't connect it. Also, with the way he left the industry for a while didn't help matters with me.
Unfortunately, I don't know Frank Ocean personally. I've been hearing about him but haven't had the privilege of listening to any of his songs for now.
Though I am not fan of his songs but the ones I have listened to are very good and he also got a nice voice too. His music has been innovative and experimental, it tells stories and talk about love and loss.