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Have you ever thought about teaching ballet?


Those who stick to ballet dancing and continue it throughout their life may want to take up teaching ballet to others. If they have the passion to want to teach what they know to others it is something to look into. I am not able to ballet dance and have never learned but if I had, I would more than likely want to help others learn it as well and be their teacher. I feel it would be very rewarding to be able to teach them.

Have you ever thought about teaching ballet?
Teaching ballet is not something I would be able to do as I do not know enough to be able to teach ballet. I have heard though that it is a very rewarding thing to teach ballet and success stories are amazing to hear as well.
No, I can't imagine myself becoming a ballet teacher even if I wanted to. I don't have much knowledge on how to teach the dance, so it's not going to be enough to teach anyone and make them good at it. But if I get a lot better at it in the future, I wouldn't mind teaching it.
Unfortunately, it is going to be impossible for me to become a ballet teacher because I don't have any interest in becoming a teacher in the music industry or teach others how to dance.

I know it can be very exciting watching those who participate in this kind of dances but I don't think I have it in me to teach how to do it.
Ballet was always something I was interested in but I never ended up doing it, mainly because there were not many ballet lessons that took part in my area and any that were, were full and had no space.

I couldn't say if I would have ever taught ballet had I have been taught myself but it was always a possibility.
I always admire them whenever I see them on television doing the dance and it makes me love it.

I can't teach ballet and I haven't danced ballet before.