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Favorite country song of all time


Country music has been popular for so many years now and we have seen many great songs pass through over the years. Whilst you may like many of the songs that have been released, what about a favorite country song of all time?

I find it so difficult to choose one song that I can honestly say is my favorite of all time as I have so many favorite country songs from way back up until now.

How about you, do you have a favorite country song of all time?
I don't have one of all time, but I like Willie Nelson's "Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain", Johnny Cash's "Walk the Line". Don Williams "I believe in You", Hank WIlliams "Your Cheating Heart", Dwight Yoakum's "Guitar, Cadillac's" , among others. Who has heard of these songs? Does anyone like them?
God Bless America by Lee Greenwood is my favourite Country song. There's no American who's not heard about the song and it's now considered to be so patriotic as some see it as a second anthem for USA 🇺🇸. America was praised so much by Lee Greenwood in the song you would fall in love with the country immediately.

My all time favourite country song is Drunk On You by Luke Bryan. This song is actually the song that made Luke Bryan very popular in the music industry of country music singers. I love listening to the song any time of the day.
It's difficult to choose just one, but I'd have to go with "He stopped loving her today" by George Jones. The message is quite touching and the instrumentals are so soothing. If I had to name a second one, it would be "The Father, my son and The Holy Ghost" by Craig Morgan.