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Drake hitting the top with Michael Jackson


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Drake officially ties Michael Jackson as the male soloist with the most number 1 hits (13) in Hot 100 History.

Although, This new era of streaming numbers is a very easy era. Michael had no streaming platforms or no social media. He did it with only Radio and CDs. He's truly the king of Pop.

Drake is a big shark in the music industry today. He's beaten the likes of Jay-Z and the rest. I'm not surprised he's matching records set my the great Micheal Jackson.
Drake is a popular musician. I love listening to his songs all the time. The only thing that I don't like about Drake is his gambling habit out music industry. I know he's rich but using it for gambling isn't wise.
Drake is one of my favorite musicians. He's so good with a golden voice which is why he's not slowing down in his success so far. I didn't see him matching the record of Micheal Jackson but he did.