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Did you ever consider being a music teacher?


Being a music teacher is something that is not easy to get to but is very rewarding if you are able to become a teacher of any kind. Of course is does take a lot and you do need to have a passion for teaching to be able to take up something like becoming a music teacher.

Have you ever considered becoming a music teacher?
Being a music teacher was something I never considered if I am honest, mainly because I do not feel I would have the patience to be able to teach a musical instrument. I don't mind learning and playing one myself but I feel that teaching would be a whole different story and would take a lot of patience.
I will fail as a music teacher, that's something I'm very certain of. I'm a good student but will never do well with being a teacher. Even if it's not in the music subject I'm going to teach in, I still won't be able to do well in it because I lack in teachers patience.
I can teach but I'm not sure if I would do well trying to teach music. Perception of other subject is different from perception of music which is why I know it's a hard course to teach. Also, the practical aspect of it will be challenging.
I did one time. However, it was tough to manage the students. It's sad because that would have been a dream job for me.
I will do you one better with saying that managing human being generally is a very difficult task and not just music students. I started appreciating my teachers in school now I got older, they had an overwhelming job to do and they did so well.
I can't teach anything to anyone and not to talk about teaching music. Music isn't like any other regular subject which is why I find it to be very difficult. I know how hard it was for me to start understanding music that's not sang.
Never! I will fail very bad at it. In fact, I don't have the patience to teach anything to anyone. I find it very seriously stressful.
I can teach any other thing that's not related to mathematics but I can't teach music. I haven't seen myself being a music teacher. Even if the offer knocks at my door, I will reject it. Music is not the kind of subject I can take up, I'm seeing it as something difficult to do. I have a very terrible voice too.
I did one time. However, it was tough to manage the students. It's sad because that would have been a dream job for me.

It is always fun to have people who would enjoy learning music. I was a music teacher in the church back then, and I really enjoyed having people that had an interest in learning how to sing and the basics of music.
I taught one on one music lessons in my 20s. I would drive to their house and charge only $30 a month. It was a lot of fun, but even in those days of low inflation, it wasn't a wise move unless I was just needing beginner experience.