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Who's your favourite Pop music artist?

Henry Smith

Do you have any favourites when it comes to pop music artist? There are so many of them for me to just choose one artist as my favorite. But if I must have to choose, it's going to be Ellie Goulding and Beyoncé.

Do you think that females or men artist do better in the pop music genre?
I have quite a lot of artists that I love to listen to when it comes to pop music artists, the ones I would say I like the most though are

Michael Jackson
Barry Manilow
Selena Gomez
Dua Lipa
The Beatles
Ed Sheeran
Bruno Mars
Lady Gaga
The Weeknd
George Ezra

Just to name a few, I could go on forever when it comes to pop music artists :)
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When it comes to pop music the artists I like are the following

The Beatles
Lady Gaga

just to name a few.
I really loved Westlife songs so much. They were the best band that produced the one of best pop songs I've listened to. I still stream their songs once in a while using my Spotify.
Taylor Swift is rocking my world so hard right now with her pop music. I haven't missed any of her tour for the past 3 years now. She's the most popular pop artist alive today in my opinion.
Michael Jackson
Lady Gaga
Selena Gomez
Bruno Mars

These are my favourites. I like the vibes they exhibit. I am still listening to their songs till date.