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Which Country Music are you listening to?

Henry Smith

I'm currently listening to Jolene’ by Dolly Parton. Dolly Parton is one female artist that's well recognised in the Country music genre and she's released so many great hits. She's also a beauty in person too.

It was Kiss an Angel Good Morning by Charley Pride that was the last Country music I played. Charley Pride is a rare performers and that's what made him stood out. May his soul rest in peace.

Who knows and enjoys Kane Brown Country songs? I'm a big lover of the guy's songs. I'm listening to "Like I Love Country Music" now. It's one of his best songs ever made.

I have been listening to some Florida Georgia Line today and one of their songs from I think it was 2018 just came on and I had actually forgotten about this song even though I listened to it so much when it was released and that is S.I.M.P.L.E. Such as amazing song and very upbeat

I'm currently listening to Jameson Rogers song - Missing One. It's one of the best country song I enjoyed last year. I started feeling like watching it again.

All My Friends Say by Luke Bryan is what I'm currently listening to. This song makes it into my best top 10 country songs by Luke Bryan. He's one of the best in the genre of country music.