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What's your favorite Punk Rock music?

Bill Frank

Do you like listening to punk rock music? Which one do you have as your favourite so far? I have listened to a lot but the one that's my favourite would the first song of The Ramones's album know as Blitzkrieg Bop.

My favourite punk song is one of the most recognised song of the riot grrrl movement known as Bikini Kill which was sang by Rebel Girl. I so much love the line - "In her kiss, I taste the revolution".
London Calling by Clash would be my all time favorite when it comes to Punk Rock songs. The song being written when there was a nuclear war had a huge impact on my liking it.

Anarchy In the UK - Sex Pistols would be my favourite punk rock song. It's one of the classic punk song for the reason of dripping with contempt for the British hierarchical worldview. The punk song made a lot of impact in its time.

This song is by The Offspring is by far the best punk rock than I've listened to all my life. I kept watching it over and over again without getting satisfied. I want more of it every day.

Yeah... I like new punk and the original stuff also (some great posts above! )
Gonna lay down a few from bands i saw from '76-'80.

999 - Feelin' Alright With The Crew.
It started here for me, managed to see these and The Adverts on tour, a million years ago ( check out Gary Gillmore's eyes.)

The Damned - New Rose.