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What Is Your Favorite Poem And Why?


Poetry is a beautiful art form that allows writers to express complex emotions and ideas through words. With so many different poets and styles to choose from, it can be hard to pick just one favorite poem. But for those who love poetry, there's often one piece of writing that stands out above the rest.
Perhaps you're a fan of the romantic poetry of John Keats or the passionate verses of Maya Angelou. Or maybe you prefer the witty and satirical works of Robert Frost or the dark and haunting poems of Edgar Allan Poe
So, what is your favorite poem, and why? Is there a particular poem that speaks to you on a deep level, or a piece of writing that has stayed with you throughout the years? What is it about this poem that makes it so special to you?
Fire and Ice by Robert Frost is one my favourite poems. It's a poem that's about the end of the world. I'm a bit religious and it's the reason why the poem appeals to me because I know that the world is going to end some day.
Poems are not my thing. I know poets expresses themselves so much in poems but it's not something I have much love for. This is why I don't fancy poems so much. This is why I don't have any poems as my favorites. I fancy listening to music than poem.
William Shakespeare have been my favourite poet of old times. I've literally read all his poem but those one's are my favourite of his songs. They are ; It Was A Lover, Take O Take Those Lips Away, Under The Greenwood Tree, Come Away Death and Blow Blow Thou Winter Wind.