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What instrument do you not like?


We have talked about instruments that you enjoy and love to either listen to or play yourself but we have not I do not think anyway, spoken about instruments some of us may not like.

Whilst most instruments sound really good especially when played in tune and in a way that is enjoyable, it may be hard to find an instrument you do not like.

Are there any instruments you do not like? What are they?
Bagpipes is one musical instrument that I find very difficult to deal with. Even the way it looks like is very odd and out of shape. There's nothing about Bagpipes that looks good. I just hate the damn thing.
I don't like playing drums. It's the only musical instrument that's stresses me out whenever I'm playing it. I have had back injuries in my hand, back pain and even shoulder pains. I tried playing for a while but I had to stop.

I hate this musical instrument with passion. There's nothing anyone is going to tell me that will change my mind about trumpet. They are just awfully annoying.
You see bagpipes, that's a hell lot of work. I haven't make use of it but I don't like it. It's too loud and have high pitch of sound.
There are no instruments I hate, but I only play ones that are "hands and/or foot only". For instance, I'm not cut out for trumpet and sax, though I made some progress as a teenager.