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What are your thoughts on dance music?


Dance music used to be really popular back in the 90s when I was a kid, I always remember hearing loads of friends and their parents playing it and it would be something I loved to listen to as well as a kid in my bedroom.

Nowadays, dance music is still around but I don't feel it is as popular as it used to be.

What are your thoughts on dance music?
Growing up I listened to a lot of dance music and I had so many different songs that I loved. I always used to love going out on nights with friends and going to places that played a lot of the 90s dance music. It was never a letdown and always something that I enjoyed until we stopped going as it was costing a little too much.
Dance music is fun and lively. I enjoyed listening to it when I was still a teenager and I took part in dancing a lot because back then I was in a dance group with my friends. Unfortunately, life happened and we all left to chase our dreams. I haven't danced in a while now.
Dance music is any music that can be danced right? Mostly the songs played in the club can be regarded as dance music which hip hop songs falls in the same category if I'm not mistaken.
I think some artist still make dance music but it's no longer popular like it used to be in the late 90's. I would say that more focus have been given to rap, hip hop, soul music and a bit in heavy metal. I still listen to dance music once in a while whenever I'm in the mood for it.
If it's about watching dance songs, it's something I love doing so much because their skills the dancers produce are so cool but unfortunately I can't dance no matter how much I tried.
Dance music it's something that is gaining a lot of popularity in my state today because I'm seeing a lot of youth that are being interested in it. They are having so much discussion on it on different social media platform and even practicing it and posting it on their tik-tok channels.
I don't have much interest in dance music. It made more sense to me in my early 20's but now in my late 30's, it no longer hold much values or interest for me. I've not watched any dance music in more than 8 years.
I love dance music. It's very energetic which is the main reason why I love taking part in it even when I see others playing it. It's a kind of a workout routine whenever I'm dancing such.