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Is rap music?


Rap is a type of music that involves speaking in a rhythmic way, often with a beat or other music. It

Some people argue that rap shouldn't be considered music because it doesn't have a melody or harmony, which are typically associated with traditional music. However, others believe that rap is a form of music because it has its own unique rhythm, meter, and lyricism.

Furthermore, the genre of rap has evolved over the years, and many artists have incorporated singing and melody into their music, blurring the lines between rap and other genres.

Ultimately, whether or not rap is considered music is subjective. So, do you believe rap falls under music?
I wonder what whoever that says rap isn't music smokes? How can one question whether rap is to be considered a music or not? If rap isn't a music, what should we call it then, Just talking? Rap is even one of biggest and popular music genre in the world today and their artists are very rich.
Ememin have made a big name for himself in the music industry today because of how good he is with rapping. He's dubbed the best rapper and the fastest rapper in the music industry.
Whoever says or think that rap isn't music doesn't know anything about music. Rap is one of biggest genre of music in our world today. You can't talk about music without rap.
Rap is music. I've loved rap since I was a kid. The way rap is being sang, it gives me a good feeling. I know how to rap a little bit because I used to go for some runs in the studio with my friends.
I'm wondering why some people thinks that rap shouldn't be considered as a music. If rap shouldn't be seen a music, what then should it be seen as?
How can rap not be regarded as a music because from the way this music genre is selling in my State, it would appear as if there is no other music genre that come close to what our people enjoy listening to than rap.