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Have you taken part in ballroom dancing?


Ballroom dancing is not something I have ever taken part in but it is something I have seen many times in the past when others have taken part in it or if I have watched videos online of ballroom dancing.

As much as I enjoy watching ballroom dancing, it is not something that I have ever been interested in enough to take part in.

Have you taken part in ballroom dancing?
I remember my auntie used to go ballroom dancing once a week and there were times she would take me so that I could watch.

I loved watching everyone take part in ballroom dancing and complete the dances that they had learned.

Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be anything anymore that you can go to once a week to ballroom dance like my auntie did which is a shame so I have never attempted to try it myself since getting older.
Not at all, I have never been to any ballroom dance in my life. There's nothing that's going to take me there for a while now which I'm very certain about.

I have only managed to watch a lot of it on YouTube mostly. It's very entertaining to watch and learn. I'm open to experiencing it soon.
I don't like ballroom dancing, it's why I never took part in any of it. My mother prefers it to any other kind of dance which was why she did all her best to get all her children into it but none of us was having it with her.
The only ballroom dancing that I have seen countless of time is the one shown on television or the one I watched on YouTube.

If I have the opportunity, I will love to take part in ballroom dancing. I always love them especially girls doing the dancing and I'm always overwhelmed with it.