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Have you ever seen folk dancing live?


Folk dancing I feel is one of the most amazing things to see especially live. Watching the videos is great but being able to be there and experience it live is a whole different atmosphere.

I remember when I was a kid we had a folk dance group perform in my home town for an event we had that was taking place and I was absolutely fascinated by it.

Have you ever seen folk dancing live?
We celebrate new yam festival in my hometown every year and in this celebration, we have a lot of live folk dancing groups coming to display different kinds of dance. I have some of such dance videos recorded but unfortunately I can't upload it here as the file it too big.
I have only ever seen folk dancing online on YouTube videos but never live. I know people who have seen it live though and they say that it is amazing to see live and just being there in person and feeling the atmosphere while seeing it live is an amazing experience. I would love to experience it live one day.
I have seen folk dancing live many times. Where I live, we have a few events each year that we go to and in at least two of them, they have folk dancers take par and perform in the event and it is always a joy to watch.

From older women and men to even young toddlers that take part each year, it's really nice to see and enjoy.
When you're into tourism, you will see a lot of people's culture and get to appreciate them from taking part in it.

I had a very good time and experience with Zambian's people's culture when I visited the country. I witnessed their folk dance in person and it was very entertaining.
The last time I watched folk dancing life was 7 months ago when I was in a festival that was carrying out in Korea to celebrate one particular culture that I can't remember its name that they usually do every year.

They had a lot of folk dancing groups that came and presented how their own culture reflected through their dancing.
Unfortunately, I haven't seen a folk dance been performed live in person. All the one's which I have watched are online and recorded. If I have anyone that's going to performed live within my location, I'll go for it.