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Finding it hard to write my autobiography?


I find writing on any other subjects very easy to do. If it gets difficult, I can easily research into it and have more information to write with. But when it comes to trying to write my own autobiography, I find it very difficult to do. It's why I don't have anything written half way yet.

Do you find it difficult to write your autobiography?
I've never made any plans for writing my autobiography. I don't think that I have much to write about myself now that's going to be relevant for others to read. I'm not sure if you can be able to make use of ChatGPT to generate some contents in this regard.
I think nobody is qualified to write about themselves. The saying that goes "you can't see yourself as you are, people are only the mirror that can see you and describe how and who you are'. I think writing autobiography is not as easy to write as other subjects.