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Do you like light or dark forum theme?


What's your preference when it comes to forum themes? Dark and Light theme are mainly used, which one do you find it very comfortable to work with in any forum?

Dark themes is better for me because they are calm and easier on the eyes. I don't like having too much light in my eyes whenever I'm using any forum.
Working with light theme on forums isn't a problem with me because I turn down my screen brightness to reduce the light effects on my eyes.

If the forum have dark theme, I will use ahead of light theme because it's better overall.
I don't have any business with making use of light themes because it is always too bright for my eyes. I try as much as possible to cut down making use of anything that is to shouty for my eyes. It is always going to give me eye problems.
Light theme is always the better option for me because I find it very difficult to make use of dark theme as it is usually making it obscure when I am trying to read things on the forum.
Dark theme is the best I have been making use of in forums for years and I have never seen where it doesn't look unbelievably good. So, it is why I always make use of it without having to look for another option.
I can get along with both. It depends on how I view a forum to see the one that is going to work pretty well for me as well. There are forums that I use the dark theme, and for others, I make use of the light themes.
Dark theme is better than light theme. It's why when you come to forum that have both dark and light theme, they use their dark theme as the default because most people like it.
Actually it depends on the monitor. For instance, light does bother my eyes, but not with this monitor at this library I'm at now. in fact, on this monitor it's actually easier to see a light theme.

Anyway, on a cellphone, many times a lighter theme is better and you don't have the eye effect as with a computer screen. Note: that's not always the case. I think with my forum, it looks good on a mobile despite the default being dark.