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Bob Marley or Lucky Dube?


Bob Marley and Lucky Dube are two of the greatest Reggae artists that's ever graced the Raggae music genre. Bob Marley have 164 songs while Lucky Dube have 171 songs.

Between Bob Marley and Lucky Dube, who's your favourite?
It's going to have to be Bob Marley that's my unequivocal choice. He's so good that once you mention Raggae, he's the first singer that's going to cross your mind.

I'm listening to his song One Love now.
Bob Marley will be my number one favourite Raggae artist. He's very good that every other Raggae artist seems to be trying to reach his level of greatness.
I love both guys in Bob Marley and Lucky Dube. Although, Bob is the undisputed King of reggae, but Lucky Dube isn't far behind him.
Why choose when I can have both of them?
I shouldn't have to be made to choose between Bob Marley and Lucky Dube because they are the best in reggae genre. I can never choose between both of them. I love listening to their songs.
Honestly, I can't choose between Bob Marley and Lucky Dube. These guys are the soul of reggae music by numbers. I've played their songs so many times, it can't part from me.
I can't choose between Bob Marley and Lucky Dube because both are doing so well in the reggae genre. I love their songs and I love listening to them.