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Rate her contemporary sole dance?


How would you rate her contemporary sole dance of the Halo song by Beyoncé?

In my opinion, I would say that she's done well to sync her moves well with the song rhythm. I would give her 7/10.

From my assessment of her dancing, she did good. I would be kind enough to give her 7.5/10. There's some places where she can improve especially with her landing.
She's not that bad. If I can pull off her dance moves, I would be celebrating it like I have won a lottery 😂. I would rate her 8/10.
After watching the video you shared, I was impressed by how the dancer skillfully expressed various emotions through her contemporary solo dance to Beyoncé's Halo song. Her graceful and mesmerizing movements were truly enthralling, leaving me captivated from beginning to end. I would rate her performance as 9 out of 10
If I can do what she just pulled off, I would ask for an award 😂, don't mind me as I'm just kidding. But honestly, she's good and no one can deny her that. Most contemporary solo dancers won't get it nearly perfect the way she did. Her dance is worth 9/10 rating from me.
It's funny in the beginning😂😂 but she gats the moves. She really tried to express different emotions though her body moves and I love her body flexibility, someone like me won't do all these by myself. She got 8/10 rating by me.