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Do you still buy or collect CDs?


CDs are still sold online and in stores as well but they are not as popular now as they used to be with many people opting to buy albums and singles online now digitally through places like Amazon Music or Apple Music instead.

Some people will still buy CDs as they may collect them and they want to continue to add to their collection and that is possibly what is still keeping CD sales up.

Do you still buy or collect CDs?
I haven't bought any new CDs for a long time. I do still have a collection of CDs that I bought years ago that I ended up keeping on a shelf that I have but I tend to use online services now for access to my music rather than buying CDs like I used to. Spotify and Amazon Music are the ones I used and they seem to have all the songs and albums I want to listen to so no need for me to buy albums like I used to.
Even though I stream most of my songs on Spotify, I still purchase CDs once in a while. There are some old songs I still enjoy playing on my CD player. I even have a cassette player. It was my father's and it still plays like a baby.
I used to burn a lot of music to CDs after my friend who works in a music studio taught me how to do it. I don't only collect CDs but create my own by choosing selected songs I love and burn them on CDs.
When there's Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music and the rest for one to use and stream any kind of music online, I don't need to buy CDs anymore. I can't remember the last time I played on CDs.
Apart from collecting and burning my own CDs, Vinyl records is another line of music stock I've been collecting for years. I have every Bob Marley songs on Vinyl records. I'm going to start collecting Lucky Dube songs on it too soon.
I no longer buy CDs and I equally don't collect them anymore because I don't have any needs for them again.

I am making use of other means which I can easily get access to millions of songs to enjoy without having to go through the process of playing a CD on a player.
I can no longer be interested in wasting my money buying music on CDs and DVDs when everything has been made easier by technology. I am making use of two different streaming platforms to play music online and I can easily download any music I want on those platform. I have no need of buying CDs again for playing music.