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  1. Grungie

    People Against Grunge

    I don’t think anyone said it killed rock. People usually talk about how it killed hair metal.
  2. Grungie

    Better Vocalist for Van Halen - David or Sammy?

    I think most of the debate was because Van Halen changed their sound then Sammy became their vocalist, and they got more poppy in the 80's. So Sammy got the blame for it.
  3. Grungie

    Favourite Music Genres?

    I listen to various Alternative Rock genres, 90's Emo, Shoegaze, Math Rock, Britpop.
  4. Grungie

    What rock group band was your introduction to Alternative?

    I grew up in the 90's, so half the radio was Alternative bands.
  5. Grungie

    Do you feel alternative is a term that doesn't mean anything?

    Well the origins of the name is from it being "alternative to the mainstream", as all of the early bands in the movement were on independent labels and were played on college rock stations. It sort of became pointless in the 90's when it became mainstream, but the sound was already codified and...
  6. Grungie


    Sup guys, my name is Grungie. I'm a huge music nerd, and I've been collecting and playing music for over 20 years.