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  1. Toby

    If you could see one singer who has passed perform again, who would it be?

    Bob Marley is on top of my list. He's the god of reggae. I would want to have one more time live concert with him performing. Janis Joplin is another singer I would want to see sing again for the last time because of how good she was. It was a shame she died at 27 years old.
  2. Toby

    What is your favorite line dancing song?

    If anyone is interested in learning how to get into line dancing, I find this instruction video very helpful. I was able to learn a few tricks watching the video.
  3. Toby

    Favourite Music Apps?

    I'm streaming music now on my Spotify. I'm listening to Hustling by Rick Ross on the app now. It's giving me that gangster vibes.
  4. Toby

    What do you consider good music?

    All songs with lyrics and a good rhythm is going to meet a good validation in my eyes. Most times when I try to sing, I seem to struggle but whenever I see a great effort by an artist, I'll make sure to appreciate it.
  5. Toby

    Do you remember recording things on the radio to a cassette tape?

    Yes, I remembered this very well because I did it so many times in my 2nd grade. There was a project I was given which required my recording on a tape at the time.
  6. Toby

    Anyone loves Titanic, the Theme Song?

    Yes, I personally love the song too. It's the best romantic song I've listened to from my childhood which holds the same value now too.
  7. Toby

    Did you ever burn music to a CD?

    Yes, I did it a lot of times when I was in my 3rd grade. In fact, it was a very big thing for us back in the day. I used my brother's PC to burn CDs whenever I have new songs I want to get on a CD.
  8. Toby

    Is Rap Music?

    It's not the melody that we are looking for in rap, it's the beats and rhyme that comes with it. This is what makes rap different from other music genre.
  9. Toby

    Do you drink alcohol?

    I used to engage in drinking of alcoholic beverages very often some years ago but after I started developing ulcer, I had to stop taking alcohol. This is because it always aggravates the ulcer and makes it very painful for me.
  10. Toby

    Do you listen to music when working out?

    It has been a long time that I stopped working out but the time when I was still actively doing it, I always have music playing with my MP3 that is with a loudspeaker. I don't normally make use of headset whenever I'm working out.
  11. Toby

    Do you know how to drive?

    Good news guys because I have been able to pass my driving test and I can drive my own car without having to worry about not having my driver's licence. This test took me a very long time before I was able to pass it and I'm very happy about it.
  12. Toby

    Being put on hold?

    Dealing with those permitting process department is a very difficult thing because a lot of their workers can be very nasty and with nonchalant attitude when they are tending to home owners.
  13. Toby : A site to collaborate with others into music

    I am not into any kind of music writing up or production right now but this is something I believe is going to be interesting for some of my friends whom I know that into the music industry and also producing music. I will see the ones that I'm going to recommend it for and hopefully they're...
  14. Toby

    Do you call it song or music?

    If I'm not mistaken, it should be music I call it most of the time but doesn't it really matter which one it's being called? As long as others understand what is being talked about, that's good enough to me.
  15. Toby

    Have you ever tried break dancing?

    Yes, I've tried to brake dance when I was in high school. I was good to some extent. I tried teaching some of it to my friends in school then but they weren't up for it.
  16. Toby

    Favorite movie soundtrack.

    My favourite TV show soundtrack is the theme song in The Last Of Us. It was way better than the way it was in the video games of part 1 and 2.
  17. Toby

    Have you ever learned to sing?

    I haven't gone to any kind of Music School in order for me to learn how to sing. I don't think I have the time to do something like that but I have been able to sing along some other music that have been produced by other artist especially the music that I enjoyed the lyrics.
  18. Toby

    Music Therapy, anyone?

    Music has always been inspirational. It is capable of changing my mood from feeling down and depressed to feeling lively and very good. It is something that I know that have a very unique power in helping to work on my psychology more than how visiting a therapist is going to work on me.
  19. Toby

    Who Is Your Favorite Indie Artist?

    KALEO is by far my favourite indie artist. Way Down We Go happens to be my favourite of KALEO music. It's even what I'm listening to right now.
  20. Toby

    People Against Grunge

    I don't care about what opinion other people have about grunge, it doesn't matter to me. Yes, it might have affected rock music but I will never say it's what killed rock.